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Interpersonal Skills In Business - A Unique Perspective

Have you ever thought about how vital interpersonal skills in business are to achieving the success you seek?

Many folks discuss these skills in terms of how effective you are communicating with and dealing with others.

This focus is, of course, a correct one. You must have the ability to work well with others…especially those folks lacking in their own interpersonal skills.

There’s another aspect to this topic that might surprise you. I’ll get into that in just a moment.

First, let’s explore the types of interpersonal skills you’ll want to develop.

Master These Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication (both non-verbal and verbal)
  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Assertiveness
  • Decision-making

Communication is where arguably most breakdowns occur. Verbal communication skills are necessary in order to effectively get your points across.

Non-verbal communication skills allow you to reinforce through body language what you’re saying to others. Many folks underestimate how much their non-verbal communication relates their mood, meaning and expectations.

Nan Martin, teaching interpersonal skills

If you find that you’re unable to be “heard” well in your career or business then take the time to improve these skills.

Remember that communication also entails the ability to match the emotions of others, stay calm when adversity hits and to remain focused on the task at hand.

Listening is an important area of communication. How can you effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas if you haven’t listened for the best way to proceed in conversation first?

Questioning is a form of listening. By asking effective questions and listening you can figure out how to move forward. Is it time to speak yet or would a few more questions be the best next move?

Problem-solving is the ability to think through why the problem exists and to get creative with how to bring resolution to the situation.

Assertiveness doesn’t mean to be overtly aggressive. It means you know what you need and you know how to ask for it while also keeping the needs of others in mind.

Decision-making is one of the most vital of all interpersonal skills in business and in life. I’ve saved it for last because it leads me to a unique way to look at our topic…

Unique Perspective On Interpersonal Skills In Business

Everything I’ve mentioned above is important. You must develop the skill-set for communicating with and dealing with others.

What about communicating, listening to or questioning your own inner feelings and thoughts?

Do you have a challenge with being assertive or making decisions?

If so, it’s most likely that you haven’t yet taken the time to discover your true, authentic inner gifts and talents. You don’t know yourself well enough!

If you don’t know yourself well enough then you can’t communicate what you need from life in order to be successful in business.

This leads to situations where:

  • you can’t attract quality clients or partners
  • prospects don’t believe in your conviction about what you’re selling
  • you feel constantly frustrated, tired and out of tune with your career path

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