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Why Work With Holistic Life Coaching Expert Nan E. Martin?

Nan believes in an intuitive and integrative holistic life coaching strategy that incorporates all aspects of self: physical (biochemistry), mental (mindset), emotional (emotions) and spiritual (higher mind/self) level.

Nan's discovery coaching strategy takes into account that all these aspects of self are inter-related and cannot be separated. And that a person must be willing to take an inner journey of discovery with her in order to manifest the physical results in the outside world. Her focus is always on what inner beliefs, patterns and scenarios need to change to get the outside result. Focusing on changing outside results before your heart and mind are aligned often leads us down a road of frustration, sabotage and disempowerment.

What needs to change within you? Are you willing to make the changes to get what you want?

On my Discover with Nan page I break down the 3 costly mistakes that hold people back from getting what they want. In summary, these are:

  1. Failing to Discover their True Authentic Self and the Power of Self. Not Following their Unique Gifts & Abilities (Living Conditionally vs Authentically)
  2. Engaging in Negative Self Talk, Mind Chatter and Programmed Responses (Living through Negative Ego).
  3. Not Trusting Inner Intuition & Guidance System (Living through Head vs Heart)

Why Work With Me?

Nan at Live Event Mastery

When you understand that you totally have the power to change and that these things DO NOT have to cost you emotionally, mentally, financially and physically; then you will want to discover the truth and power of who you are! There are no short cuts, schemes or easy way to know and love yourself; and learn the power of manifestation.

As you discover who you truly "are" you begin to see your unique "inner truth" and your outer world starts to becomes an expression of YOU not what you DO!

In business you will see this manifest in the outer world when clients are happy with their results and continue to work with you. People begin to resonate with your message and your relationship to others and the world changes.

When you don't change the negative mind chatter you'll find that your clients or customers feel you don't authentically believe in your products, services or solutions.That's because it is coming from your head not your heart. You are out of alignment with your truth and the universal laws.

When you don't trust your inner self and intuition, you may find yourself saying things like, "things just aren't working out for me"; or the synchronicity and timing seems off. You'll find yourself tired and lacking the energy to live an inspired and authentic life from your heart. You also feel disconnected from your source whether that is God, Divine Mind or Universal Mind for you.

My expertise is helping you transform your thoughts (mindset) and emotional patterns through an intuitive process which can accelerate your spiritual inward journey. How fast you get results is your willingness to do the work and show up for you.

Consider these questions and be truthful with yourself on how you answer them:

  • Am I Allowing my Mind and Emotions to have Power over Me?
  • Do I Truly Understand Who I AM and What Inspires Me?
  • Am I Creating the Life that I was Born to Live and that I Want; or am I Allowing my Past Experiences to Create My Life for Me?

Once you have answered these questions, set up a Discovery Talk with Nan and take your first step to transforming your life today! I congratulate you on giving yourself an opportunity to change.

"Nan is one of the most gifted and talented coaches I have ever met and worked with. She is on that cutting edge of insight for getting people to a place that they need and want to be. I am so much further along in my life than I ever imagined possible. I owe her a great debt for giving me my life back that I will never be able to pay. With Nan’s help, I am now FREE to be and become the person I was born to be." - Jan P.

Discover Holistic Life Coaching Today!

Take advantage of my unique intuitive holistic life coaching program and become the WHOLE You! Contact me today and let me guide you into knowing your true divine empowered self. 

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