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Discovery More About You through
Genetic Coaching!

Genetic coaching can help you to understand how genetics, through genetic lab testing, plays a crucially important role in optimizing and supporting your health, wellness and/or spiritual and personal development goals.

Genetics is your Biochemical Blue Print. Know your Personal Foundation and How to Support your Body and Mind Effectively.

Using at home dna testing through 23andMe or Ancestry, you can learn how to support yourself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level; and maintain healthy body systems better than ever.

What does Genetics Mean?

The definition of genetics means the study of what is inherited (heredity) and the variation of those aspects (mutations/variants); and the expression of the genes in an organism.

Why do You want to Discover your Genetics?

Every function, thought and action in your mind and body, requires a biochemical response determined through your genes and dna. Your genes are a section of chromosome that provide instructions on how aspects of self are expressed whether it is hair or eye color; or how a certain cell functions. The DNA is the chemical compound that contains the genetic code needed to create and direct all activities in the mind and body.

Negative variants (mutations) in an individual’s genes, have the ability to create cell dysfunction on every level (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). The connection between genetic variants or SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) is primarily controlled through what is called the methylation cycle. This is the metabolic pathway in the body that is critical to supporting body systems, repairing dna and rna; and ultimately maintaining healthy function of the body and mind.

methylation cycle diagramMethylation Cycle Diagram

How Many Negative Variants Do We Have?

All of us have 5 or more potentially damaging mutations which when expressed can manifest imbalance and dysfunction. The encouraging news is that science has recently discovered that the expression of destructive mutations can be literally “turned off” through correct nutrition (Nutrigenomics), therefore allowing your mind and body to function at its best; and your DNA to truly be expressed to its full potential!

In other words, when your body’s biochemical foundational needs are fully supported, then supplemental modalities and work you are doing to maintain and/or expand your mind and body, are more fully integrated. And you have a better chance of success!

It’s equivalent to building a house on structurally sound footing that is reinforced rather than on a cracked foundation which will inevitably develop problems down the road. Genetic coaching along with functional nutrition can provide a solid biochemical foundation for success!  

How will Genetic Coaching Support Me?

What Biochemical Pathways are Being Detoured?What Biochemical Pathways are Being Detoured?

Genetic coaching and genomic evaluation through Dr. Nan will help you:

  • Gain clarity on your overall wellness goals which includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.
  • Breakthrough emotional epigenetic barriers and patterns that were created during childhood that keep you from your potential.
  • Obtain and receive knowledge of your raw genetic data. Your Genes do not change: The expression of it does!
  • Have an understanding of mutations or defects in your genetics and methylation cycle that affect your ability to detox toxins and heavy metals; adapt to stress and emotional/mental stressors; sustain healthy energy levels; and maintain healthy function of body systems including immunity and endocrine functions (hormones).
  • Learn what homozygous and/or heterozygous variants are present. Heterozygous variants create a 30% decrease in enzyme activity. Homozygous create a 70% reduction in decrease activity!
  • Develop an intuitive, personalized foundational supplement support plan that will produce lifelong and life changing results.
  • Attain insight on your overall wellness and risk factors outside of lifestyle and environmental parameters. And see how genetic factors can increase or decrease your personal risk factor.

What are the Benefits of Genetic Coaching & Evaluation?

There are many benefits of genetic coaching and having the opportunity to understand your genomic profile. Here is a summary...

  • Stop the expression of negative variants that can create imbalance in biochemistry pathways that potentially can create health imbalances
  • Maintain healthy mind and body systems and optimize their function.
  • Breakthrough negative epigenetic patterns that keep people stuck emotionally and mentally.
  • Get insight on "mystery illness" and the genetics and epigenetics that maybe contributing to it.
  • Knowledge is power, therefore you will be more confident in making decisions about your health, fitness and wellbeing, which will allow you to take your path to wellness to the next level now and in the future.
  • Empower yourself to be your own proactive health advocate. Invest in yourself and your future.
  • Gain insight on your family history for you and generations to come.
  • Free yourself from fear of the unknown and future regarding your health; and minimize “surprise” factors.
  • Stop throwing darts at the dart board and know your nutritional supplement gaps that you are experiencing. Fill those gaps with solid nutritional that personally supports you.
  • Unlock your Genetic Potential!

Ready to Get Started? Schedule an Intuitive Breakthrough Call with Dr. Nan!

Genetic Coaching Requires Specific Genetic Testing

myhappygenes-test-kit-mood-reportMyHappyGenes Genetic Test Kit

How do I Get Started with Home Genetic Testing?

My go to genetic testing kit is from MyHappyGenes. This kit was designed by Dr. J Dunn and was designed specifically for those who are certified in her program which really supports us as practitioners and you as my patient. 

The cost of the kit is $295 and includes the mood and personality report. Other reports are available for purchase including the diet and lifestyle report which is very helpful in terms of evaluating diet and supplementation needs. MyHappyGenes also reports on over 570 genetic variants where most companies include less than 50.  If you are interested in the interpretation and genetic coaching, please contact Dr. Nan first as the cost of the kits and reports is typically included in Dr. Nan's programs.

One of the most important aspects of using this kit besides the fact that reports are alignment with my program is that the kits maintain a level of privacy not maintained by other companies. The lab itself analyzes over 657,000 different genetic SNP's and a person is assigned a number. So in other words, your name is NOT associated with the DNA evaluation itself at the laboratory. And YOUR data will NOT be sold!

This one time test will provide all the raw data that you will need for DNA methylation analysis. In other words, repeating DNA testing is not required and will not provide more information.

Please Note: 23andMe changed their "chip" and therefore are not testing for certain key methylation cycle SNiPs as of August 2017. Ancestry while more complete than 23andme still lacks important genetic information that Dr. Nan uses to evaulate your genome.

If you have your testing done through 23andme or ancestry, please book a Breakthrough Call with Dr. Nan to discuss whether this data can be used in her program.

Purchase Genetic Test Kit through MyHappyGenes

When you purchase MyHappyGenes Kit you will need my practitioner code which is PRACT003099. This also links your information to my account so I can get access to your data when you are working with me. My access and your account can be deleted at any time if you wish.

Need More Information on Genetic Coaching?

Then contact Dr. Nan for more information here! Or schedule a Breakthrough Call!

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