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Intuitive Animal Coaching Sessions-
Understand the "Whole" Picture

Intuitive animal coaching not only helps you support your animal "wholisticly", but also supports you in discovering more about yourself and your intuitive gifts.

Everyone has the ability to connect to their heart and follow their intuition but often times that is blocked by negative beliefs, fears and emotional hurts from the past on an unconscious level.

Our animals so encourage us to open and follow our heart but sometimes they can take on too much of our stuff and also become imbalanced. This is why it is important to support yourself by supporting your animal; and support your animal by supporting yourself!

Working with Animals Intuitively can Open Doors within Yourself that You Never Knew Were There. That is Self-Discovery.... -Dr. Nan

Whether you are looking to learn how to support your animal or yourself, Nan's intuitive animal coaching can help you reach your goals.

Here are some of the questions that can be answered during an intuitive coaching session with Dr. Nan:

  • What is my animal trying to show me or reflect back to me?
  • What higher purpose for myself is my animal wanting to show me?
  • What trauma, bad experience or situation from the past are still influencing my animal's behavior, health and wellbeing? (Yes, animals can have PTSD also)
  • Why am I not connecting with my heart center or following my intuition? And why is my animal's heart also shut down?
  • What am I avoiding or manifesting that's not supporting me, my animal or my family?
  • What do I need to let go of? What does my animal need to let go of?
  • How do we resolve what is there and move forward? 
  • My ultimate goal is resolution of issues, not just talking about what is there....

Intuitive Animal Coaching-Why Work With Dr. Nan

Often times your animal is wanting to get your attention. They are a lot like the universe in that respect. The problem with that is that often times it starts to take a real toll on our animal especially when they want to please their owners or care takers. Animals are intuitive by nature and tend to empathize with others especially family members.

Normally this will manifest in the form of mystery health challenges or sudden changes in behavior and/or attitude. When this happens it is important to have an awareness and work with someone who can get to the root of the issue.

Dr. Nan's intuitive gifts can not only help you discern what areas are out of balance within your animal and yourself but also what tools can restore and bring balance back to the mind and body. This is true mind-body medicine-looking at the "whole" picture - not just a part!

Some of Dr. Nan's favorite tools besides intuition are therapeutic grade ssential oils, Green Hope Farm and Alaskan flower essences and professional grade supplements such as Nutri-West, Biotics Research and BioStar Whole Food Supplements for Animals.

"Because of Nan's work with animals she has been able to help me have a better intuitive sense for my animals and communicate on a different level. I have been able to form a better bond with my beloved dog to nurture him through a health crisis and I have been able to understand him on a much deeper emotional level than ever before!

One of my goal's has been to effectively and intuitively communicate with animals and Nan's coaching program has not only opened me up to being able to do this but has taught me many intuitive skills that I can use as well! Thank you Nan!" - Karen J.

What is the Whole Picture? That is Mind-Body Medicine

The whole picture includes all the aspects and patterns that make up the mind, body and soul; and how they fit together (integration):

  • Emotional - How you or your animal feels
  • Mental (mindset) - How you or your animal thinks
  • Spiritual - How you or your animal connects with heart and divine source
  • Physical - The biochemical foundation which supports healthy body systems and functions. Includes environmental aspects, diet, nutrition and genetics.
  • Integration - How all these aspects together create positive or negative outcomes; and how they can influence each other.

Harmony between all the aspects creates SYNERGY and VITALITY. This is the TRUE definition of functional medicine and health, and mind-body medicine. Evaluating and working at all those levels to get to the root cause. Imbalance creates emotional and mental highs and lows and manifests physically as dis-ease.

What do you Choose for You and Your Animals?

What you choose affects the results....

Nan riding Harlem at National Horse Show Wellington FLNan riding Harlem at National Horse Show Wellington FL

Whether it is finding the root to your animal's health challenge or behavioral issue, wanting to support your animal in a better way, or developing your intuition, Dr. Nan can help you achieve your goals. That is success through transformation!

Set up a Breakthrough Call with Nan and take your first step to following your heart today! I congratulate you on opening up to all that you are and that you can be. Your animal thanks you and is encouraging you along the way!

PS Dr. Nan works nationally by phone and internationally through Skype or Zoom!

PSS Animal chiropractic certification is coming soon! Dr. Nan is now attending Options for Animals to help animals locally with mind-body medicine, functional nutrition and chiropractic care!

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