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Media Information For Nan E. Martin, DC

Nan E. Martin on NBC

The following media information highlights Dr. Nan's intuitive life coaching, discovery coaching and mind-body medicine for people and animals has changed lives for the better.

Discover Dr. Nan's media kit, press releases and Dr. Nan's videos and television appearances on networks such as ABC and NBC.

Dr. Nan's specialty as an intuitive mind-body medicine doctor, self-discovery coach and functional medicine coach is to truly change people body, mind and soul. She believes that health challenges must be addressed using the combination of evidence based science such as genetic evaluation and laboratory results, with intuitive coaching to find the emotional and mind-set patterns that are disrupting how a person feels and thinks which also translates to how the body functions.

Nan E. Martin on ABC

Dr. Nan is an Intuitive Chiropractic Physician and author of Stress Less Transforming Stress Into Success. She has been asked to appear on several TV shows as well as media events to speak about how stress and overwhelm creates havoc in our lives on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Her short, easy to read book addresses this imbalance on all levels and gives readers tools to start their journey back to a balanced life immediately. 

TV Appearances

Nan Martin, DC, appears on ABC Lexington for the New Year! "3 Mistakes to Avoid if you Want to Stress Less"

Dr. Nan's appearance with Lee Cruse and Chris Goodman of NBC Lexington on "3 Mistakes to Avoid if you Want to Stress Less in 2015"

Dr. Nan Speaking at Events

Dr. Nan speaking at Tapping into Wealth and Business Mastery at Transform 2015 with Pamela Bruner.

Dr. Nan speaking at Angelique Rewers Live Event Mastery in 2015 about Negative Self Talk and Triggers both saboteurs of success in life and in business.

Dr. Nans TV on YouTube

Dr. Nan has always loved to share her stories, inspirational messages, teachings and tips with people; and believes it is an important part of her journey in helping others.

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