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Business and Life Coaching with Nan
Navigating Entrepreneurs through Stress, Overwhelm, Worry, Fear and More!

I often get asked should I hire separate coaches for business and life coaching.

And that answer is--not necessarily. That really depends on your personal and your business goals. If you are strictly looking for nuts and bolts aspects of your business such as:

  • How to set up Facebook ads, marketing tunnels, websites, etc;
  • How to hire the right team members or develop a team; or
  • How to write marketing copy or your own book;

then it is more important to get with an expert in that particular industry or niche. These are more "how to" professionals.

When to Consider a Life Coach with Business Expertise

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The time is right away! If you agree with any of these statements then you needed a coach yesterday.

  • I am completely overwhelmed and stressed to the point where I can't think straight or be creative. Maybe upleveling the business wasn't a good idea.
  • The mind chatter and second guessing is driving me crazy. I can't make decisions about anything personally and/or professionally.
  • I have lost my sense of who I am and what I want to do.
  • I am getting pulled in to many directions and can't focus on what I need to do.
  • My personal life is out of control and it's affecting my ability to show up for my customers and clients.
  • I am getting triggered working with my clients and it's translating into my relationship at home.
  • I used to love my business, now I just want to get through the day.
  • I'm exhausted and am working all the time but generating little to no income.

Well you get the picture. This is entrepreneurial HELL! You got in business to be free of stress, make your own schedule, have more personal time with friends and family and in a healthier environment! And look what is happening!

Can We Really Separate Personal and Business Aspects of Self?

Absolutely not! Yet, most of us were told that growing up. My Mother told me how to "act" in public and around people of importance (and a whole bunch of other things about business that aren't true). This translated in how I would show up--the shi* really hit the fan when I said I was going to speak in public about my childhood. Oh boy....then everything started coming up! It hit all the "privacy" buttons and then some!

All of this of course is buried in the subconscious mind AND is affecting how you are showing up and working every day! And the nuts and bolt coach can't navigate you through this.

One of the biggest reasons I hear for not working with a coach is: "I need to make the money first, then I can invest in personal development". That is like putting the cart before the horse.

Can you see that?

All of how you feel and think, will show up where ever it needs to, in order for you to do the transformational (internal) work. Your Spirit or Higher Mind does not SEPARATE out anything. All it knows is that a particular aspect, emotion, belief or mindset, has to be CHANGED to get in order to get where you want to BE. This part of self, sees what is not congruent or alignment with your goals, or purpose, so it brings this to your awareness through this client or this relationship, or this project so it CAN be changed.

Doe's that make sense?

More than likely, you invested thousands in your schooling and training to do what you want to do. Now it's time to invest in you!

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