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Discovery Life Coaching with Nan
"Success through Transformation®"

Life coaching should be a process of discovery. A process where you can discover more of who you are, who you truly want to be and how you want to express yourself, and your true gifts in the world.

Where is the BEST part of You?

That person along with your intuition, is buried under years of emotional garbage, mind chatter and others peoples view of who you should be. I call these "subconscious untruths".

For me I was BURIED under self-criticism, self-doubt and negativity from my Mother's incessant emotional, mental and physical abuse from the time I was born. I had to become whole again from the inside-out which was not an easy task since I had literally thousands of inner children, negative thought forms and fractured parts operating in the background. It was my worst nightmare....but then it became my greatest blessing.

If you want to be successful in your endeavors and throughout your LIFE, then you must be able to truly love yourself, be able to show up for yourself and learn how to trust in your own intuitive guidance through your heart not your head. This is a transformational process where you discover your true-self and your ultimate destiny.

The only way to get to discover your destiny or purpose is to clear the subconscious untruths (bs), and the core wounds and fears you are carrying. Otherwise you remain separated from your heart, your intuition, your truth and your divine source.

This is----

"Success through Transformation®"

What is Life Coaching Really About?

Transformation and Self-Discovery!

If you focus on discovering who you really are and what you really are about, your outside world becomes a reflection of your inside world. When you change from the inside out, attracting your "perfect" relationship, clients, career or opportunity becomes part of the natural process. 

If you are experiencing---

  • Frustration
  • Disappointment or disconnection
  • Lack of confidence or direction
  • Loss or grief
  • Health challenges

Then more than likely, subconscious untruths and/or inner children are running things in the background and are sabotaging your success. This keeps people emotional shut down and disempowered.

Transform and Step Into the Real Power of YOU

Nan Martin, Life Coach

I love helping people break free from the subconscious emotional BS, negative mind sets and head trips that hold people back from having the life and career they truly want. My discovery process involves looking at the "whole picture" and transforming all aspects of self which include the emotional, mental (mindset), spiritual and physical parts.


All these aspects effect each other and can't be separated. Emotional and mindset components affect your biochemistry and your health yet now we know that biochemistry or our genes also influence how we think and feel. Lastly, if people are disconnected from spirit or divine self/source, they cannot maintain physical vitality; and seem out of touch with themselves, unhappy or unfulfilled.

If you are ignoring one of these areas of your life, the other area suffers. Together they create vitality, synergy and LIFE!

Finding Your Inner GPS

Transformation is also about re-discovering and connecting to your intuitive guidance system or inner GPS. This is your built in guidance system that is connected to your heart and your higher self. The ego loves to keep you in your HEAD and keep this hidden. Your inner GPS is your HEART not your HEAD. Most of us were taught to follow our HEAD. Which one are you following?

By helping you discover more of who you are, you begin to learn and trust that you can follow your intuition (heart) again. Then you can Express who you are, and Experience the life and career you want.


Wherever you are in your life or career, I would love the opportunity to help you become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

Here are just a few things that I can help you with:

  • Navigate through any difficult situation and use it as an opportunity to transform the darkest parts of themselves. Whether you are going through a career transition, severe health challenge, relationship breakup or inner child madness, I can support you.
  • Make better choices for yourself in life, career, relationships and/or health. At the end of the day, you need to live with your choices. Be confident and empowered by them.
  • Be proactive in your health and wellbeing by addressing all the levels. Take it to the next level by discovering genetic coaching.
  • Become a transformational leader, entrepreneur or Mom! Whatever it is you want to be, I will help you step through and help you become that person.
  • Re-claim the power of your true self and your inner gps and intuition.
  • Re-discover ALL of YOU! Wahoo!

That is----"Success through Transformation®"

It's Your Time! What are You Waiting For?

I invite you to discover how my intuitive coaching and transformational process can help you become "whole" again. That is the key to success.

Allow me to start helping you by sharing the 3 most common mistakes sabotaging your life. Or jump on the phone with me and let's talk about how working together can create the transformation that will lead to your greatest success!

Click Here to Speak with Nan and Start Your Journey!

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