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Executive Business Coach, Nan Martin, Can Help You Avoid 3 Costly Mistakes

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As an executive business coach and intuitive, I can help you understand and let go of 3 costly mistakes entrepreneurs commonly make. These mistakes keep you "stuck" in your business and keep you from evolving personally or professionally.

Understanding and releasing these things from consciousness helps you to avoid sabotaging your success. The first step in that is always awareness. If you don' have an awareness of what your patterns are, then you can't change them! That is the gift of coaching, especially intuitive coaching where I can clearly see your patterning and help you change it right away.

Normally it is a combination of these three mistakes that not only prevent you from living the life you desire but also prevent you from having the business that you want which supports that desire.

How you think and feel subconsciously creates your world! What are you thinking? What are you feeling? Do you have control over these thoughts and feelings or do they have control over you?

Your Unique Gifts & Talents

Mistake #1: Not Discovering and then Following your Unique Gifts, Talents and Truth about Who you are. This is living authentically.

Typically we're taught figure out what we are to “do” with our lives and then work our purpose around what we are doing.

This is like putting the horse in front of the cart.

If you discover who you really are, you often discover your true "hidden" gifts and even the true gift of you! Often times the "real" you gets buried because someone robbed you of a gift or talent that you truly knew in your heart was you. Once someone planted a negative seed it was buried in the subconscious mind and still affects you! Comments such as, "You'll never make money doing that" or "That is stupid - that will never work", create detours and blockages in our mind and in our true path!

When you discover who are, then you can move to the next part which is to how to best express yourself in the world using your true gifts and abilities. The energy of I AM.

If you already know your gifts and talents, then buried negative subconscious comments can be keeping you from fulling expressing yourself and your abilities in the world!

Are You Living the Life You Want to Live? Are You the Person You Want to Be? Or Do You Show Up Differently?

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Negative Self Talk

Mistake #2: Negative Self Talk

When you have constant mind chatter and belittling background voices they are “sabotaging” your best laid out plans and intentions subconsciously all the time whether you are prospecting, on a client call or working on a project. And you may not even be aware of it!

Are you allowing negative thoughts to sabotage your success, wear you down, and take your personal power? This not only keeps you from growing personally but prevents you from getting the clients you really want and having the business you really want!

Is Mental Mind Chatter Driving You Mad?

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Inner Guidance & Intuition

Nan Martin providing advice

Mistake #3: Not Trusting Self/Inner Guidance or Intuition

You must learn to trust yourself and your own inner truth if you truly want success this life time. You have your own inner guidance system that when followed is leading you to all that we want and how to get there all the time! It is connected to the source of all that we are and all that we come from. Whether that is God, the Universe or Divine Source, it IS our inner compass.

When you follow your intuition the mind and heart are aligned and it seems as everything shows up for us at the right time. But when you follow your head, often times it leads to a dead end road, more chaos, confusion and overwhelm.

If you are following what others have told you in the past and you have negative view point around intuition, you are not tapping into one of your most powerful tools you are born with. No GREAT athlete, entrepreneur, musician or coach hasn't tapped into their intuition and used it!

If your gut says NO there is a reason for it! If your gut says YES there is a reason for it!

Are you Following Your Heart or Your Head?

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TRUTH Formula

Working as an executive business coach I have learned that sometimes simple is better. That concept inspired me to put a simple formula together that can help you stay on course through your life and business.

To learn my TRUTH Formula & how to effectively overcome the 3 Mistakes, enter your info below and I'll send this important information out to you right away!

"Nans intuitive guidance and coaching promotes positive change in her clients’ lives; and you won’t be disappointed with the results. It never ceases to amaze me what limiting beliefs and emotional baggage she can uncover and eliminate for good." - Karen J.

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