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Applause for Dr. Nan's Work

As an intuitive life and discovery coach Nan Martin is an expert when it comes to transformation and intuition; and helping people and animals navigating those waters. As an intuitive chiropractic physician, Dr. Nan has been able to apply evidence based medicine such as using genetic testing and laboratory results to hone in on providing functional nutrition, medicine and personal health care. Combined this is TRUE mind-body medicine or functional medicine. Meaning that when you work with Dr. Nan, lifestyle, environment and emotions, and genetics are all part of the strategy to recover your life and your health.

Dr. Nan Intuitive Coaching

On the emotional and mind-set level, Nan has helped thousands of corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals break free from false perceptions, negative beliefs and situations that held them back from becoming the person they wanted to be and have the success and life they wanted. Whether you are challenged by a negative relationship, health, life or business issues, Dr. Nan is able to help you make positive change immediately. Since Dr. Nan's coaching and health strategy is intuitive and life-changing-you save valuable time and energy by getting directly to the root of situations.

Testimonials from Dr. Nan's Clients

"Nan is one of the most gifted and talented coaches I have ever met and worked with. She is on that cutting edge of insight for getting people to a place that they need and want to be. I am so much further along in my life than I ever imagined possible. I owe her a great debt for giving me my life back that I will never be able to pay. With Nan’s help, I am now FREE to be and become the person I was born to be." - Jan P.

"Nan has done it again with Stress Less. This book is concise, powerful and gives you simple tools to help you eliminate stress easily and effortlessly . The ERASE Formula really works!" - Barbara Rasor, Emotional Intuitive

"Nan's intuitive guidance and coaching promotes positive change in her clients’ lives; and you won’t be disappointed with the results. It never ceases to amaze me what limiting beliefs and emotional baggage she can uncover and eliminate for good." - Karen J.

Nan at Angelique Rewer’s Live Event MasteryNan at Angelique Rewer’s Live Event Mastery with Stef Tuss and Team David Neagle
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