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Book Your Breakthrough Call with Dr. Nan!
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Why Book Your Breakthrough Call?

Book your Breakthrough Call with Dr. Nan. Whenever you feel stuck or indecisive, clarity is the place to start. Without it you stay stuck in your head in utter confusion, frustration and self-doubt, constantly second guessing your self, or playing the "what ifs" in your mind over and over. Living IN or ON that gerbil wheel is NO FUN! Trust me when I say I have been there!

Clarity is always the first step to moving forward! With clarity, I can help you put together a plan on how to help you move towards your goals!

What is an Intuitive Breakthrough Call?

An Intuitive Breakthrough Call is a complimentary call where Dr. Nan can help you become aware of where you are stuck in your life, health, business or relationships; or with your animal. She will help you get into a place of clarity and provide options on what would be the best way forward while making sure that working together is a good "fit". That is extremely important to having successful, long-lasting and transformational results.

Dr. Nan providing intuitive adviceDr. Nan providing Intuitive Advice

Even though it's a short call, most people benefit from the call and are able to make change immediately. That is the power of Dr. Nan's intuitive work.

The call can be done either by phone, Skype or Zoom. Dr. Nan is based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and therefore international calls will be done via Skype or Zoom.

Dr. Nan looks forward to connecting with you during the Breakthrough Call and helping you navigate towards that next step!

Book Your Breakthrough Call with Dr. Nan!
Please Choose the Appointment which Best Suits You :)




If there is not a time that works for you or no times are available, please call our office at 561.315.6334 or contact Dr. Nan by e-mail to arrange a time that will work with your schedule! Thank you!

Book a Breakthrough Call with Dr. NanBook a Breakthrough Call with Dr. Nan
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