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Welcome Everyone!!!

I'm so glad you are here, and I am so excited to be sharing this presentation with you! In this time of great need and crisis, it is such a blessing to have the ability to help others navigate through this situation. My intent is that the knowledge I share with you will help you where you need it the most today!

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The FREE Training Topic Bundles for E-merald Level Includes:

  • Redefining Wellness through Essential Oils;
  • Essential Oil Animal Wellness Quick Start Bundle; AND
  • Emotional Wellness and Trigger Busting Oils.


  • BONUS VIDEO from Nan's Level 1 Aromatherapy Course: EO Demo with Issac the Sheep!
  • Print and Share PDFs for Each Topic
  • And more!

PS FILL in the FORM to Receive WORKBOOK. See BELOW for HOW this Opt-In Works if needing more info.

Here's How It Works-

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  4. Enjoy the presentation, the entire AWS Summit AND access to the trainings in the E-merald Level EEO Membership!!!
  5. Thank you for opting IN!

Thank You for Opting-In! Enjoy the AWS Summit AND

EEO Membership E-merald Level!

Nan and her Whippet Dezie

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