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Attracting Negative People? Nan Suggests....

Here Nan provides guidance to her readers that have been submitted on the Ask Nan Page. Go there to ask a question and receive guidance on your important questions! Or check out the Ask Nan Archives - your answer could already be answered!


Hi Nan!

I think that I am a pretty positive person but I still end up in positions at work with negative people! I'm so tired of being in a negative environment. I'm saying positive affirmations but they don’t seem to be helping. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time!

Carly S.

Nan's Answer:

Hi Carly!

Thank you for your question and contribution to help share information with our readers!

That is a great question and one that I am asked frequently.

The root of the problem is that most people attract or manifest what is in their subconscious mind not necessarily their conscious mind. So you can be outwardly positive but a negative inward pattern can still be operating under the radar.

This is why positive affirmations often times don’t work because our mind and body don't believe in them! We have to change the pattern or belief at a core level first - when that is done your body will "embody" the affirmation!

Most negative beliefs and patterns are created before age seven and unless they are cleared at a root level they will create our outward circumstances or our expression. Also understand that on an emotional level if there wasn’t a reason or benefit for you to manifest negativity, then you wouldn’t attract it.

When you change the internal root pattern your outside world changes! And it can happen very quickly!

Here is my suggestion:

Center yourself and ask your body (not your mind) these questions:

  • How is it benefiting me to be around negative people?
  • Is this what I was familiar with or comfortable with as a child?
  • Who in my family was negative?

Allow the answer to come to you intuitively from your heart; and be honest with what you here and what comes to you. Often times when we get the true answer our body will start shifting the pattern immediately! Awareness is always the first step to changing anything.

Lastly, there are some essential oils that can help to minimize negative energy and support you in feeling safe when exploring and discovering deep parts of self. Diffuse in your work environment and place some over your heart.

Here are my top three on my essential oils website:

Wishing you a Successful Transformation,


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